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It is really very simple... if the document is well known enough, changing it would be spotted - so the way to go,... if it is the intentions of some to nullify the actual intent of the law above the laws in order to destroy it. If this destruction is to succeed, then it is the intentions of those corrupting organizations to destabilize the very meanings of the words used to create the intentions of the document.

The target is the minds of particularly young people going into the future we will all experience. The elders in America can either be re-educated or eliminated - time is a tool.
The method is not difficult to understand. The methodology is well known as well and was advertised in the beginning as a new way to see psychology in education.

It is not my intention to rewrite the document, with an intention to reinterpret it with a dictionary of modern new speak.
I think it is suffering from to much of that to begin with, in the world we have now. And I believe that to be a deliberate attack upon the law specifically for the purpose of damaging not only the nature and intention of the document... but to cause grievous damage to the very nature of the United States as a country.

Bluntly the words mean exactly in structure of the words used in the language used to create it, exactly.

Not in the purposed modification of meanings designed explicitly to the goals created in purpose of redefining the context of use. Expresly for the purpose of destroying the language as understandably defined before corruption.

As a matter of fact I still have available to me a Dictionary made and published in the 1770's and It is something people like me, delight in reading.

It was never suppose to be, as a set of laws defined as being subject to reinterpretation... because it was in the understanding of the language used as was, where the actual intentions were found. And in a way, that is the point of this new page.

Preservation of not just the document - but its meaning as that is the document. It is in its meaning with the use of words defined that its intentions are found.

The individual "Bill of Rights" is not an essence of poetry... Like as is the actuality of the "poem" at the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

It is much more a mathematics of words used as a structured system to encapsulate meaning.

If I were to give it the value of its creation it would be very much in line with the authors intentions as a law above the laws. As if from the creator of life. Defined as natural law - or if a deity is referenced, from god - but in any event evolved into that which we call human being.

It's one requirement, so much under attack now, is your belief in it... and to have faith in it, as a common law of intractable and adamantine meanings and values of our existence.

It is for you and I, to have as a nation of Individuals forming a living country that will stand in its own light to show the way forward - the real intention of the word progressive, to really mean advancement of human kind. This way forward as it was intentioned... towards free will to find liberty and understanding in the justly understood cause to even be alive... to seek happiness in being alive at the individual level of being human.

The men (James Madison drafted it) who created The "Bill of Rights" were absolutely not perfect humans - no such thing exists then or now and they knew it. They did the best thing achievable for the human race in creating a set of laws that recognizes the individuality of the people as every human as they would define that which was not encapsulated in any word other than men, as understood linguistically. And the value of being an individual. And they did it in the spirit of a common goal of mandated and necessary cooperation to achieve this wonderful state of chance and circumstance. With a unique vision of experience of just what tyranny is. You see it tells the Government what it can not do to the people of the united States. And in this effect it is singular in all the world today as it also contains a set of real teeth to bring down those forces of destruction they foresaw in its creation... it is right there in plain and purposeful English. Well defined to say what it means and mean what it says.

This is your Liberty and with that comes both Freedom... and a responsibility of the Free to defend it from all threats foreign and domestic.

Against tyrants. In any government including any found externally invading and or domestic in nature. Understand?

It is the very backbone of the US Constitution and without it, as is, as written, there is no future of liberty for individual humans in a world so bent as to try and redefine language and thus humanity itself.

Several videos which in the expressions of these Natural laws of humans are explained in English.

may be moved to a separate page only due to interpretive reality is in itself contentious in the context of a hostile world, which is why this page exists


2. Second Amendment

( The history of the second amendment )

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