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         This is a new page under construction and writing,
It is created by Michael Crock as part of a series to explore self development and internal growth of a changeable self being,
             as a human being with free-will.
            The relevance is with the use of English, with well established rules for its structure, for the ability to understand logical thought. 

      What is English? Think that is stupid to ask? ... even to question...? it is, in the most literal of interpretations, a human form of verbal communication. A language that evolved by absorption and internal evolution of the need, based on both our natures as social creature and the nature of needs to be as the truth needs to be... accurate and effective.  but it is also an observation of our state of evolution as beings. New words come into being and old ones go out of use....
.... enough to have new words created by those who would create them. And as other words from other languages absorbed if they do exist and one in English does not (The word tundra is Saami for example)

    It is not my intention here to give a history of English specifically or of language itself - That has been done - a dictionary is useful and is fundamental though, to what I am going to discuss.
However, as to a protracted discussion as to what is just accepted = ipso facto, it is, as it is...  I do not have a life long enough to go into a subject best left to those who specialize in that history.  As this is not a study of history - it is a warning...

Yes it is important but not here in that it is, as it was thought the time of English used as a language. 
    And that is exactly what is the target of this essay.

A change is in this case pretty much noticed, as an attack upon the use and understanding thought the world, under this persons observation... and is to be noticed as astonishment of it as what I think it is.

This attack on English is deliberate.

English as its M.O. of compound operational development, is very refined, it has always been a writers useful tool of communication of a texture of ideas - so good it is the stuff of legendary stories of our being.

 Aspects of a difference, to create a fine set of details of understanding. Of meaning and of communication to other beings that could be taught how to understand it, well enough to get along in life at the simplest form - but as well command thought itself with enough understanding of its structure... it can extend thought - it can define existence - it can be a love of the mind to understand and use this to tell the world how you think, feel and love... or it can be used to destroy all of it, with the same power of textural finesse of thought.

Ideas, that can become something collective, and can outlast entire civilizations, if good enough.  However, ultimately ideas that do not stand the test of time will be left in the dustbin of history... wish proof for this evolution of thought.  look at the nature of change within any language. English can endure because it is power itself expressed as ideas.

Best example:

Yes, I like William Shakespeare as well, he was ahead of his time... or was he a great example of his time? Something to consider.   A person in his time,  Another example of what a human can do with a very powerful language is creative thoughts to create new words to extend the textual control of thought itself.
William Shakespeare signiture
Born: April 1564, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Died: April 23, 1616, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Spouse: Anne Hathaway (m. 1582–1616)

What did he do that was great... he created stories ahead of the time in which they existed, so much so ....that they pushed the boundaries of concepts, that to be told and understood actually needed him to create new words that did not exist - in order to convey a new level of texture to the idea itself being conveyed. 

In modern parlance... Amazing, profound and he is so honored as to be unforgettable. 

Now for the ticket to ride... what did he not do?

Here it is. He did not redefine a word to be used to confuse understanding itself. he did not change meanings in order to confound understanding. He left what was, alone, in order to extend the usability of language to enhance understand - not destroy it.

    What do I see?... What is wrong?... and why is it both difficult for the average person to see... and why.
this must serve a purpose, because these new fundamental concepts in are in fact, following an almost unbelievable effort to do this... evil

A subject that is impossible to speak of without the context of the use of new words - redefined to the goals of the attackers...
     I wanted to use words soft in the approach but it is not possible now - so powerful is the attack upon the world today.
I made some internal goals - and externally expressed desires to not let this turn into a specific set of named participants with modern political identities of "party". It is not specific to the USA as Republican or Democrat Corporations of political ideology - even if much of this is propagated by one party extant today almost exclusively.  

A concept of something wrong... in the very world I live in... here now, today. Lets look at some words and see that they are expressing an idea of intention but in fact are the opposite in effective goals when used to the NEW use methods of communication:

"Progressive" is the word meaning to advance -in some way-  however the intent, in the current culture infesting the world we knew, is to cause a regression of ideological givens within the language we all understood at one time in the western world...
     It is in fact a specific set of redefinitions to be a form of political theory - largely based in "Marxist" thought as an entire and very complex set of ideologies coming from a specific set of concepts propagated to the cause of its advancement by any means necessary - this is the source... the Frankfurt School of cultural theory ref2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School  
Read that well... as the following is some of the resultants based out of the Columbia University as in part of the integration of this corruption into what was one set of ideologies to then be transformed into another
 - by force if necessary - and it is in that, were it is not a natural expression of political power, but forced into use.
 in modern vernacular - The Left - with too much power.

"justice" is a word that specifies intent towards fairness - but in the current use requires a pronoun to define its limitations and exclusions to the whole intent.
such as "Social" as pronoun to limit and exclude its cause of "fairness" to a political class.  

Whats wrong, why do I feel it... is it I, that is failing to be a human of my dreams to be more than I am.  I use words and the stability of meanings to self define a mind that uses the words so defined... and unchanging in meaning. I want to see the reality of Free-will as a capability within the individual - requires a great deal of control from within - (separate topic where I have done it)
it was in that where I discovered a basic corruption now being discussed here.
    To modify the individual to be re-defined - then to be eliminated, as having meaning as an individual - this serves their purpose and is at heart what is wrong.
The basic concept of the "Bill of Rights" as people being of value unto themselves as expressed in the idea of equality of opportunity - "Justice for ALL" allowing for a very large set of human capabilities as individuals - hence becomes "Social Justice" to reduce the individual relative to the society to fit a prescribed set of limitations -
    So to do this the individual children only learn what the society had defined them to understand in the language - so modified. This is evil as I see it as it is a fundimental change in the actual spread of human beings capabilities to now fit only what the society wants - ants.
This then needs to become reduced vision of capabilities as beings with a set of basic concepts that give emphasis to the change to the goal of Equality of Outcomes.   

Symptoms of a corruption within the structure of the very language we have always had to define being...
It was so fast as to be within the single life I have as a human - it self flagged... and I wanted to know if it was I, who all of a sudden felt so detached to the very goals of understanding.  I so much wanted inside, deeply to grow as a human. and I did this with the stability of understanding.

Forced changes in the very fabric of the human mind from external cause.

NO... it is not my failure to see. This is a corruption of the language, so fast and so redefining - it must have a source - and a reason it is... being done to the humans that use this language of so much texture and finesse of subtlety to be a tool to create new thought itself. 

Being so blunt, a tool, of the corruption - flagged it to me - it was not so hard to find... but what now... that I see it - what do I call this.
And what is "it" the corruption, trying to do as a - force.

Look within the schools that teach the young, their minds plastic. - look at who is creating this... and begin to see it as the greatest threat to our civilization.

This is not an evolution, it is... a powerful threat to the very idea of what a human being is...

 Its a plan - set into this world we live in called Western Civilization by the opposite force of collectivist thinking, done as a destructive force of a political force, its cause is to destroy the human being as we know ourselves... take away self being, take away the individual as a very thought into itself - and thus subjugate the individual to be a slave of the very will of the collective itself for the mechanism of control, is redefining the meaning of the language as words well understood for ages.

    I am not a creation to be under the commands of the new "progressive regime", in development now, within the structure of forced society (regressive if defined in truth) and thus not my creation inside of my heart. Be it as I see it inside, of this human individual...
     I see an un-truth, described as the truth... I see a huge one that needs to be resolved in the minds, by those who will see it.
Don't mess with my language, I need English as it is, to see inside, to see it as understanding - being a better person by the definitions I made to see more inside, because the words mean the words understood.

The proof of this corruption now embedded, as if a cancer into our culture:
Cultural Marxism - critical theory.  The Frankfurt school (just a collection of smart professors and philosophically bent persons) left Germany... and came to America - Columbia University and the Frankfurt school.

See me in metaphor running down the street screaming - "there here already - your next" originally this film was a not well hidden paradigm of fear of what was called colloquially as "The Red Scare" - little did they know that the little Sci Fi film of the 1950's would actually become an authentic work of powerful predictive literature in film form. 

These people as the Frankfurt School - Et al are the precession (astronomical term I thought proper) elements of a political force (Unseen force) within the power structure set out to destroy the "Bill of Rights", the only document in history to define a law above the laws in order to create the US Constitution, as a document in Law to define what the Government Can Not Do to the individual. The final smallest unit of being human. Its the very individual with ultimate power over itself.
    (This document of the law of the laws is structured in English to be as precise as humanly possible by those seeking to leave a legacy greater than themselves... Our country was carved into being with revolutionary thoughts. its the truth.)

In the end the Frankfurt School believes that the individual is the enemy of the future they see - in the end, I believe thus, to be eliminated by destroying the foundation of this country. Yikes !
     It is done via a destruction of the language in order to confuse the meaning and intent of words to define the product of creative thought itself - look at the literal mental mush of the students today and tell me this is not so.
Look at the word - Liberty - it is itself a freedom from government control by its very nature. It is in possession of being, of the individual person.
        "I am a free individual - my life is my own - I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, briefed, debriefed or numbered, my life is my own" ... or...   something like that anyway... The point is, this is something to believe inside your heart and mind... to be a human being is an effort of will and responsibility... the state does not create - it destroys.



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