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New page for microphone cables in development.

Our known background in recording technologies is well established.
Electronic experience and know-how with factual understanding with science is the method of expression.
We understand what our customers are looking for and try to produce the type of products they will find to be what they expect.

The requirement for good cabling was as important as any other aspect of the art and craft.
In use a set of Oasis Microphone Cables below:
microphone cables in use.

Mic heavy & Mic Light cables
True4 conductor system optimal for Phantom powered Mics.
Shell to shell, plus each pin to each pin.
10 feet $400.00
20 feet $700.00
25 feet $850.00
35 feet $1,150.00

Gold plated pin option $20.00

Oasis pictures below:
Oasis shell.Weave Oasis..

Base price Oasis each

3' $500
4' $555
5' $610
6' $665
7' $720
8' $775
10' $885
12' $995
14' $1,105
16' $1,1215
18' $1,325
20' $1,435

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